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What you need to consider…

Choosing the right destination

  • How long do you want to be away for?
  • Would a multi destination tour be of benefit?
  • What cultural and sightseeing experiences are available?
  • Will the destination fit within my proposed tour budget?

Destination inspection visit

  • Would a destination inspection trip before the tour help with your travel planning?
  • Will this help with any risk assessment, accommodation, cultural or excursion questions?
  • Destination inspection trips are available for tour managers and support staff and are provided at cost price or can be built into the tour package pricing

Air travel

  • Do you want the lowest priced airfare that may require a greater number of transit points and more time on the ground than in the air or do you prefer the most direct / seamless flight routing?
  • What about an extra luggage allowance for such things as the team gear bag?
  • Do you want to stop en-route to your destination?

Accommodation preferences

  • Where available, would you prefer to be hosted or to stay in hostel or hotel style accommodation?
  • For team members, would you prefer shared quad, triple, twin or in some instances single occupancy rooms?
  • Is hostel bunk style bedding going to work for everybody?

Tour pricing / fund raising

  • Cricket Experiences offers a Team Rewards programme. How does this work and should this be used as a credit to reduce the tour pricing or retained for incidental charges?
  • What is the maximum number of players, coaches and others that will be incorporated within your budget?
  • How much funding is required for the initial securing deposits and what are the payment schedule details?

Customised bespoke tours

All Cricket Experiences packages are bespoke designed and based around your exact needs

We can assist with arranging opposition teams well matched to your own team’s ability and specific preferences

Refer to our destinations page to find out more about the Cricket Experiences destinations and package options


What you can expect from a Cricket Experiences tour…

Well-matched and balanced opposition teams

We help with ensuring that opposition teams are well matched

An experience to remember

Every Cricket Experiences tour offers something unique and memorable

Local accommodation hosting

In many counties we offer a range of home, school and club hosting

24/7 on-tour assistance

We appreciate that unplanned incidents and emergencies can occur
We provide on ground 24/7 support and further details of this can be found in our Tour Manager’s final documentation pack

Refer to our destinations page to find out more about the Cricket Experiences destinations and package options