Tour Promotion

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Effective ways to promote your tour and create interest . . .

Tour presentation evening

A tour presentation evening is an effective catalyst in gaining support and ‘buy in’ from potential team members, parents and club management

Cricket Experiences can provide assistance and tips on how to run a successful evening and can attend to provide support and speak one on one with attendees

Official Tourist Authority destination posters and other promotional material is usually provided free of any cost and your Cricket Experiences consultant will help with securing these

Fundraising activities / promotions

The level of fundraising required varies greatly. Some schools and clubs choose not to fundraise whereas others completely depend upon this

Fundraising doesn’t need to be stressful or a burden. Effective activities usually result in engaging people who want to become involved and support your tour

Successful fundraising idea’s might include scratch & win, sports quiz night, engraved bricks and car washes

Maybe consider the concept of staging a corporate sponsored T20 game and link other fund raising activities to this

Contact a Cricket Experiences consultant who will willingly share idea’s or direct you to a professional organization who can assist you through this process

Communications / raising awareness

How are you going to communicate and promote the tour to parents and guardians, club members and other potential travellers?

Ask your Cricket Experiences consultant for a free copy of a template which can be used to assist with tour communications. This document can be edited by you to suit your requirements