Team Rewards

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Team Rewards – and how this works for you  . . .

Team Rewards and how you qualify

Cricket Experiences provides a Team Rewards programme in the form of a travel grant

This is available for all teams who register on one of its international cricket packages

How we determine the value of Team Rewards

The value of Team Rewards is determined by such things as the number of participants travelling, the tour duration and the destination

How Team Rewards is funded

Team Rewards is funded from the existing margin incorporated within the tour pricing and is not an add-on levy. In other words, this is paid for directly from the tour profits generated

When you receive your Team Rewards

The Team Rewards are retained in an approved Client Trust account and is paid out in full immediately following the final tour payment

Team Rewards – general

Team Rewards are not subject to a minimum spend or target based structure

Team Rewards are provided without prejudice and in consultation with the official tour manager (or nominated party)

Team Rewards can be used to cover additional tour manager’s fees and other miscellaneous charges